I am often asked to engrave on-site at special events in Vancouver for Internationally known fragrance boutiques such as Jo Malone, Guerlain, Charlotte Tilbury, Hermēs and many more. These fragrance boutiques are located in Holt Renfrew, Nordstroms and Hermēs stores. On-site engraving allows me to engrave at the store, while the customer watches. In a few short moments the customer has their complimentary engraved purchase!

The beauty of hand engraving is the freedom it gives me to create all kinds of designs in all kinds of surfaces! Hand engraving can also be done on any shape.

I enjoy finding the right design element for my clients and creating something that keeps them coming back.


The most interesting items I've been asked to personalize have been golf clubs, hunting knives, bar bells, swords, bracelets, lanterns, woodworking tools and even car window tattoos! Wedding, anniversary, retirement and birthday engravings to name a few are always in demand.


I work with a pneumatic hand tool that is small and rotates at a very high speed. This is essential for hand engraving fine crystal, glass and different kinds of metals.

I often use high powered magnifiers and microscopes for finely detailed designs.













Would you like to know more about engraving? I love to teach and pass on my knowledge and skills.

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