I love gourds, and I love their story!


Their amazing history began thousands of years ago as one of the oldest cultivated plants on earth. They have been used in ceremonies, as clothing, musical instruments, storage containers and more, and continue to this day. I've chosen them as my "canvas" because of their intriguing shapes and "personalities".


After cleaning a gourd and deciding on a design, the fun begins. The design is penciled onto the surface, adjusted as needed, then burned into the surface to make it permanent. From there the designs come to life with either burning, cutting, carving, coloring, weaving, coiling, or any combination.


I love fine details, straight lines and interesting elements, often adding gemstones and beading.

I create only a few each year due to the complexity of the work. After finishing each gourd, I name, number and sign it. Each one is created as a unique piece with it's own story.


These fine art gourds make gifts that give a lasting impression. They grace a room and add distinctive beauty and elegance. 

Would you like to learn more about gourd art?

I love to teach. Contact me for classes or to purchase.