We've all tried wood burning when we were kids and often found it difficult to do. Often the burners were thick and cumbersome, and took forever to heat up and cool down. That's usually why it was put away and forgotten.


Since those times these tools have come a long way, thank goodness!


Pyrography became a fascinating art form for me several years ago, with the new user friendly tools; and I was asked to teach. The beauty of wood burning is that it's quiet, easy to learn, easy to advance in skill, reasonably inexpensive, and portable.


Teaching these skills has been a wonderful experience, connecting me with some amazing people who are also interested in this timeless art form. I say "timeless" because it is also one of the oldest art forms, predating paints and canvas by a few thousand years.


I use a wood burning tool that responds quickly, is comfortable to hold and has an adjustable temperature. This makes it fun to use, not only on wood, but on leather, paper and gourds.


I often create the designs used in my projects. 













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