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"A Stitch or Two"

A large Kettle gourd. Cut to form a basket, with large cut out design in body and carved stitchery. Painted interior with red ink dye exterior.

9.5" d  x 12.5" h


"Celestial Burst"

Intact medium sized Kettle gourd with stem top. Black exterior enhanced with white contrast design work.

7.5" d x 10.5" h


Chinese Bottle gourd, cut and cleaned with tear drop rim. Exterior in rich medium brown with suede embellishment and honeycombs with black ink dye edges and gold leafing detail

6.5" d x 8.5" h


"Sunflowers 2"

Zucca gourd cut and cleaned with fancy cut rim.

Design work wood burned, with ink dyes, metallic ink dyes and acrylics.

6.5" d x 9.5" h


Intact with stem, kettle gourd. White background with black ink dye leaf details.

7.5" d x 11.5" h


"Lucky Clover"

Zucca gourd with flat wooden base. Cut and cleaned with natural gourd exterior. Gold leafing, and metallic ink dyes in design. Small gold rivet accents.

6.5" d x 10.5" h

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