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"Fancy Black and White"

powderhorn gourd, black acrylic with white acrylic, carved rim, wooden ring base.

5.5"h x 4.5"d overall.


canteen gourd with wood burning, marbled application with ink dyes, metallic woven braid and metallic concho rivets.

8" h x 8" d

"Eleven Oaks"

tall body gourd with carved leaves, wood burned, marbled with ink and metallic dyes, leather lace work.

9" h x 7" d



"Harvest Celebration Mask"

inverted kettle gourd with metallic dyes, corded seaweed and raffia.

24" h x 16" w overall size

"Burly Maple"

tall body gourd, carved details, marbled technique with ink dyes and copper leaf.

11" h x 7" d


"Hot Wired Mask"

inverted kettle gourd with copper wire, decorative beads, ink and metallic dyes.

13" h x 10" d overall size.

"Red Lattice"

tall body gourd with pyrography, acrylics, ink dyes, carved, silver metal accent rivets.

9" h x 8" d



"Old West"

large kettle gourd, pyrography, carved details, ink dyes.

11" h x 9" d

"Pierced Tongue Mask"

inverted kettle gourd, cut and carved, ink dyes, feathers, leather and turquoise rivet.

13.5" h x 9" w overall



"Vertical Optiks"

bottle gourd, with variegated gold leaf, metallic ink dyes, pigment powders, and wood burning. 

9" d x 7.5" h

"Evening Array"

bottle gourd, cut and carved rim, ink and metallic dyes.

7" d x 10" h



"The Midas Touch"

kettle gourd, pyro-engraved, cut into 2 segments with top to open, carved details, surface carving, ink and metallic dyes.

8" d x 9" h


"Petite Village"

intact kettle gourd, pyrography, ink dyes, carved detail.

9" d x 13" h


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