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"Square Dots"

kettle gourd, cut and cleaned with black acrylic interior.

wood burned design with metallic ink dyes and acrylic black.

7.5" d x 5.5" h


"Prairie Flowers and Wheat"

tall body gourd, carved areas, with black and white acrylic over natural tones.

6.5"d x 14.5"h


round body gourd, cut open with black acrylic interior, green fabric/paper applied to surface, beads and hammered gold embellishments.

9" d  x  7"h

IMG_2707 2_edited.png

"Burly Maple"

tall body gourd, carved details, cut rim and marbled technique with ink dyes and copper leafing.

11" h x 7" d


round body gourd, cut and cleaned with black acrylic interior. white acrylic exterior with black design work, black paper rush stitched on top rim with black waxed linen thread.

6.5" h x 8" d.



canteen gourd with wood burning, black acrylic interior, marbled application with ink dyes, silver metallic woven braid and silver medallion conchos.

8" d x 7.5" h

"Hot Wired Mask"

inverted half kettle gourd, carved detail, embellished with copper wire, decorative beads, ink and metallic dyes. made to hang.

13" h x 10" d overall size.



carved bushel basket gourd, cut, with blue acrylic interior, varied metallic oil painted exterior and detailed pierced carving.

8" d x 5.5" h


"Slightly Askew"

cannon ball gourd, black exterior, cut open with natural interior, carved surface, pierced carvings, white acrylic design work.

8" d x 8" h


"Blue Radiance"
chinese bottle gourd, cut rim, wood burned, metallic ink dyes, hand crafted epoxy handles.
9" d x 10" h

"Fluid Motion"

kettle gourd, open rim, cut and cleaned, black interior, black and white acrylic exterior.

10"h x 10"d

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